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"Hey Tiggy, Thanks a lot for getting me back onboard with that book. Really appreciate it. I must say, it's one of the most amazing, powerful books I've ever read. Really. And it worked. Thanks again, Curt"



~ "I would love to finally let u know that my ex and I are back together, after 6 months of separation and a lot of pain and tears. Yes it's only the early stages and I'm not getting ahead of myself but I've got a good feeling and we're both committed to making it work."



"Okay Tigress, you may have seen some of my posts before. After begging my ex-fiancée for the last 3 months to take me back I decided to follow your system. It is working! At first she said "Maybe I will consider it but not until the summer". That bites, I don't want to wait that long! We are so much in love! But at least she said "maybe". Then after continuing to follow your method for 2 more weeks including over the holidays, she sent me an email saying she wanted to meet with me, then she actually called me! (She has not initiated a call or email in the past 4 months until now - it has always been me). So we met for dinner and talked for 3 hours. She couldn't keep her hands off me! While I was talking she reached over and kissed me mid-sentence! I did everything per the system. The point of the whole evening is that she is afraid to lose me now." ~ Iam



"After 6 weeks of tears and heartache my ex and I have made up. We're not officially back together but we spent the whole weekend together and have decided to work on our relationship."



"Hey everyone just wanted to let those of you who have read my other posting that John and I are working things out!! Wow, I am so glad I joined this community and it seems that perhaps it was a miracle that I stumbled across it in a web search when I did. Just too bad that I didn't find it sooner so I could have prevented some of the problems that he and I have had the past few months."  ~Melissa

Now You Can Win Back Your Ex,Stop Your Break Up,and Get YOUR Partner Back in YOUR Arms Where They Belong!...

The best report available written by Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru, on how to win back your ex. With over twenty years experience, Tigress writes from the heart and from the brain. She has an uncanny ability to peg people, relationships, and human nature. She will astound you with her knowledge on breakups and relationships... and why we do what we do.  

Whether Your Partner Wants You Back or Not...This system was written for anyone serious about winning back their ex, saving their relationship, or stopping their break up...even if they're the only one that wants to stop it!...

"The Methods to win back your ex in This System WORK!"

"Hello, and thank you for your quick reply to my email. I just finished reading your book on how to win back your ex. It's amazing. I've read so much junk out there I was afraid to buy another book, but this one is the real deal. I could tell that you (I am going to assume you are Tigress) know what you write about. I know this book would have been the one that would have helped me get my ex back, yet the funny thing is that after I read what you had to say I realized that I truly didn't even want my ex back. He was a jerk. I'm feeling much better. TY" Judy H.



You want to win back your ex, save your relationship, and stop your break up. It's only natural. You've probably invested your time, your love, your hopes, your dreams ... and your very soul into this relationship... And now that it's ending you're probably full of anxiety, panic, stress, sorrow, grief. You want to stop the break up... you want to win back your ex... but you don't know how. He or She has left you and the chnace of winning them back seems impossible.

However, it's not!

Let me explain.

  • I can show you how many have saved their relationship, and made it better than ever. Stronger, more stable, secure. I can even show you how many even got the commitment-phobic to commit. How they stopped their wife, or husband, from divorcing them. And these methods can work for you, too! Possibly you can save your relationship, win back your ex, and make it more wonderful than ever!
  • In this book you will learn what rejection is and isn't, and you will learn how to make it work for you, instead of against you.
  • I have discovered a very easy way to save relationships and make them successful, and I will share my knowledge with you. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could win back your ex, save your relationship, or reverse your break up, and get your lover back in your arms - where they belong?

and Save Your Relationship...BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

That’s a pretty scary fact, I know. But it’s absolutely true, the more time you two spend apart the less likely your chances for a reunion!

What is your relationship worth?

"I just had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your books and to say thanks to your book I got my boyfriend back!" ~~~Michelle

"I followed the book and now I have her back. I thought this break up was for good... because the break up was a really bad one. I believed there would be no recovery. I followed the book anyway figuring even if it didn't work I'd be in a better position to get on with my life.

I began to see immediate results...

....Thank you for saving my life and relationship! Had I not read the tricks I'd have been seriously lost." ~Geno

Following my own tactics, I reversed my break up with a man that, was not only a mega commitment-phobic, but had already left me and was in a new relationship. I did four very simple strategies that made him do a u-turn and rush back to me. However, in my case, I declined him and didn't return to the relationship. Why? Because I enjoyed the break up too much. I love being single! But, I know, you're not happy with your impending break up and you will do just about anything to save it!

Ms Tigress, I just signed up on the Lifted Hearts Network, and after reading for just a couple of hours, I think I learned more about myself than I have in the past 5 years. I recently had my heart broken and it seemed that this webBook was written just for me. Thank you.

My four simple strategies to win back your ex can work for you, too!

You may think you are all alone and without hope – without a chance – but you're not. I am there to walk you through and to try and help you regain the most important thing in the world to you–your relationship!

You may think that it's too late to win back your ex, but wouldn't it be nice if you were proven wrong?! Your break up is not unique. Your relationship is NOT hopeless. Isn't it worth it for you to try to save it?

These strategies to win back your ex can work, even if:

  • Your mate claims he/she doesn't love you anymore.
  • Your mate has found someone else.
  • You have been unfaithful and lost your mate's trust.
  • Your mate has filed for a divorce.
"I just wanted to stop and thank you you for your webbooks. For all that info. You have saved my relationship twice....and all that time I used your methods. I broke up twice last year with my ex......first time we got back together...lasted a short while because I had not followed your advice completely...second time I used your methods again and he came back. Thank you so much. I was so confused how to act when he came back, but I had read your 101 tips...this advice has helped me and my ex in our 2and reunion!!! We are stronger than the 1st time or the 2and time......and all bc I took your well meaning advice. Thank you so much. I have a life these days, after letting go of all the drama in my life. Thank you so much for your advice and may God bless you. Love you Tig!"~Gladys

This is not a book that tells you how to survive a break up ( read How To Get Over a Breakup for help surviving the pain of a breakup!)

This is not a book that tells you how to understand the opposite sex!

This is not a book that explains how to communicate better!

This, especially, is not a book that talks about Mars ~vs~ Venus :)!

This is a system that shows you can WIN BACK YOUR EX and how you may stop your break up and make your relationship better than ever! And you can start right now, today! Whether, or not, your partner is willing, these strategies may work for you – in fact, some times these strategies work even better if your partner is not willing to actively participate, or not even partially committed to saving the relationship at all!

Did You Know That You Could Actually Be Chasing Your Partner Further Away From You? That's Why It's IMPORTANT That You...


"I followed the advice I found in your webBook with the man I was dating. One week ago he said he would never ever date me again and that he would never give me another chance. I followed your advice and last night, to my surprise, he called and we are dating again. Although he is a commitment-phobic, it is good to have him back in my life.

I am so glad I found your web site just in time to prevent the break-up from succeeding."~CAL

What is your relationship worth?

I can show you why the methods you're using right now to win back your ex are actually promoting the breakup. In fact, the methods you are using right now are probably just driving your partner further away. "How To STOP Your Breakup - A Guide for the Rest Of Us!" (formerly known as 'This Side of Good-bye') will show you

  • Common mistakes we all make when trying to salvage a relationship...mistakes that actually drive our partners further away.
  • Simple statements that will make your partner open up and listen to you.
  • Stupid things we say, and why they only work against us.
  • How to get exactly what you want!
  • How to turn the books and make your partner want you.
  • How to prevent the destruction of a relationship.
  • How to spot a commitment-phobic, and get them to commit.
  • How to get forgiveness from your partner.
  • How to win every 'disagreement', and have your partner happy with that outcome!
  • One very simple, little thing you can do today to prevent ever arguing with your partner again!

"How To STOP Your Breakup - A Guide for the Rest Of Us!" is a must read system for anyone who sincerely wants to salvage their relationship and win back their ex.

"Just had lunch with the ex. She is not an ex anymore. We are going out again tonight, and we are back together. Read the book. Don't THINK. Do what the book says. It worked like a charm."~I. Mike

"How To STOP Your Breakup - A Guide for the Rest Of Us!" is meant to help keep you and your mate together. But you have to act soon, before your fears prove true, as the longer you delay the closer your situation is to becoming hopeless. Remember, your current tactics are not working in your favor, and if they were then you wouldn't have found this book! Face it, you are only making the gap between you and your mate wider. All your well-meaning methods are actually working against you.

Isn't your relationship worth saving? In fact, if you don't think your relationship is worth less than the mere cost of a dozen roses, then I urge you to leave this website now!

The WIN BACK YOUR EX report is available instantly! This means that you can be reading it in as little as three minutes from now, and healing your relationship like all the others who were exactly in the same place you are - brokenhearted!

The How to STOP Your Break Up (and win your ex back) system is available as an online book, or downloadable ebook. This means that it is available for you to read instantly and immediately so you can start on the road to getting your partner back in just a few minutes from now. You can also print this book for safekeeping.

Yes, Tigress! I want to order securely and get my ex back in the fastest, most effective method possible, and for only $27 during this SPECIAL PRICE REDUCTION! 

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You will gain immediate access to the
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Isn't your relationship worth it?

I want to stop my breakup and win my ex and my attraction back now!



"Found on a bulletin board on the web: "I'm reading this book and find the advice in it very useful. I highly recommend it to everyone, regardless of whether you are trying to reconcile or not. As for me, one minute I want to make this relationship work and the next I just want out. Going through this has caused me extreme pain but also lots of introspection. This book is helping me to focus on me and my wants and what my likes and dislikes are. It's helping me to try and make a life for myself. I can't believe it, but it's also making my SO want me too! I've always been the pursuer, the beggar, the pleader, the doormat ... I've always tried to control things. This book is teaching me to just let go."

*NOTE: The ebook is delivered to you instantly after purchase for you to read online, or as an electronic download. No waiting weeks and weeks for snail mail delivery, you can be reading it in as little as three minutes from now!

P.S. Don't forget to send us your pic after reunion!

"The Methods in This System WORK!"

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"Thank you so much ! I can not express my gratitude enough!!!!!"



"Love your books. Please let me know when your new book, Breakup Scopes, is available."



"My boyfriend of a year broke up with me in June... and after weeks of tears and heartache my ex and I have made up. We're not officially back together but we spent the whole weekend together and have decided to work on our relationship.



"After 6 weeks of struggling through the "How to STOP Your Breakup" system he called. The next thing I knew we were spending the weekend together, telling each other how much we missed and loved the other. We started dating again, but going very slowly... towards the end of the summer, things were going great. I was talking to him every day and seeing him every weekend (we lived two hours away from each other) and when I had to leave, he would beg me to spend more time with him." ~Laura



"My ex and I have been back for 2 weeks now and although we both want to jump in the deep end and pick up from where we left off, move in together etc, we are holding off and are taking it slow for the good of our relationship."



"It was like a dream, after 6 agonizing months, she finally said the words I'd been longing to hear. "I'm sorry for hurting you and for denying my love for you, I want to be with you, is it too late, I want this to be 'the' relationship, no one makes me feel the way you do", etc." ~Heartbroken



"My relationship with my ex ended 6 months ago, and he came crawling back last month."

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